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cheap fish pellet feed machine for sale

The fish feed making machine was designed to make fish feed,pet feed,and other animal feed,it was taking meat meal, fish meal, bone meal, corn meal, soybean meal, grain flour etc. as the mainly raw materials. by changing fish feed recipe, temperature, molds and others, can produces fish pellet food in different shape,color.taste.The feed pellets produced by our fish feed production line have high protein content,can make fish growth fast&healthy, with good nutrient absorption, lower waste of feed,less damage to water quality.By changing the formula and operation process, it can produce floating fish feed and sinking fish feed.

Model £ºLM80
Capacity (kg/h)£º200-300kg/h
Main power (kw)£º22kw
Feeder power (kw)£º0.6kw
Screw Diameter (mm):¦µ80
Cutter power (kw)£º0.6kw
Machine size (mm):4000*2100*1900mm
Weight (kg):2T

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Fish feeds which have ingredients such as soybean meal and cereal grains can be made more digestible, and the nutrients are therefore more available. Floating feeds are made using extruders along with highly water-stable, sinking feeds which can be made with feed pellet extruder machine as well. In some cases, extruders are used just to prepare feed materials, such as dry extrusion of soybeans.?

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