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Floating Fish feed pellet machine By Diesel Engine

As the widely use of extruded aquafeed and the rapid development of technology, the automatic fish feed making machines are adopted by many fish farmers and the commercial usage. However, there are still some places where the conditions are limited, thus we make this kind of machine that can meet some users’ needs. Although it is lack of electricty, this fish feed making machine can be operated as usual. this method also can save the cost of the owners. And the efficiency of the machine can be guaranteed either.

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The Engine type floating fish feed pellet machine help fish farmer save cost , without any electric also can working good condition, you can move anywhere make the feed ,Floating Fish feed pellet machine using for aquaculture and animal husbandry. For example: catfish、Tilapia fish 、dog、tortoises、frogs and so on. It can meet users’ need to a high degree, just change mould can make many different shape . Output pellet can floating on water within 12Hours not sink and not dispersing . Not sink and not dispersing keep water clearly no polluting. After puffed feed pellet through high temperature will killing such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, not only keep fish eat health food, also keep fish easy to eat and digest, make your fish growing fast. We have semi-automatic and automatic from 50kg/h-8T/h output for your choice. You can choose the proper one style for your own.

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