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fish feed pellet machine model 60

Fish feed pellet machine is used to processing grains into fish feed pellet, is often used in fish farms and fish feed factory. Being a trust-worthy company, Lima has devoted to feed pellet machine manufacture for 20 years.Fish feed pellet machine model 60 is the latest product of Lima. Equipped with advanced technology and latest function, it can help you make high-quality fish feed pellet in various shape and size.

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Lima fish feed pellet machine model 60 is used to produce feed for fishes like catfishes, Tilapia fishes, tortoises, frogs and so on. Having a beautiful outlook and stable performance, model 60 is made with latest technology and skill, which can produce fish feed in higher quality and lower cost. Equipped with new functions, Model 60 can sterilize fish feed. After puffing feed pellet through high temperature, Escherichia coli and Salmonella would be killed, this helps keeping fish feed healthy and make your fish grow fast. Model 60 can extrude different size from 1 mm-12 mm , fulfilling the feeding need of baby fish and big fish. And it is easy to operate, which can help promote your production efficiency. We have semi-automatic machine and automatic machine whose capacity range from 50 kg/h-500 kg/h for your choice. Choose Lima, feed your fishes better and safer.

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