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Nigeria 40-50kg/h Floating Fish Feed Machine By Diesel Engine

Capacity: 40-50kg/h

Pellet Size: 0.8-12mm

Energy: Diesel

Power: 12HP

Application: Catfish feed, Tilapia feed, Shrimp feed, Cat feed, Dog feed

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LIMA fish feed machine manufacturer


Henan Lima Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of pellet feed machines in China. Its floating fish feed extruder machine has been sold worldwide, including in Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Zambia,  Cameroon, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Thailand. Clients can buy small fish feed machines, poultry food machines, and large fish feed and feed production lines to satisfy their needs.

Floating fish feed machines also called fish feed extruders, are widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed for fish, such as catfish, tilapia fish, shrimp, crab, etc. It can also make pet food for cats, and dogs. The power supply can be divided into diesel engine feed extruder and electric engine feed extruder.


Multifunctional feed extruder

Aquafeed: catfish, tilapia, shrimp

pet food: cats, dogs

Machine core components


● The screw is made of chromium alloy steel and undergoes special heat treatment. service life is longer and more wear-resistant
● The motor uses a standard pure copper motor that is stable and durable, and Siemens motors can be customized
● The fuselage uses environmentally friendly spray technology to resist corrosion and does not easy to rust
● Machine body made of high-thickness steel plate, solid and stable, not easy to damage
● The output pellet can float on the water within 24Hours not sink, and not disperse, keeping water not polluting.
● After puffed feed pellets through high temperature will kill such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, keep fish eat health food, keep fish accessible to eat and digest, and make your fish grow fast.
● Can make different sizes from 1mm-12mm, can feed on baby fish to big fish
● Easy to operate and learn

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