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Lima Floating Fish feed pellet machine By Dry Way

Floating Fish feed pellet machine using for aquaculture and animal husbandry . Not sink and not dispersing keep water clearly. This machine can make different size from 1mm-12mm , can feed from baby fish to big fish, Can using motor and diesel according to your requested, Easy to operate and learning .We have semi-automatic and automatic from 50kg/h- no polluting. 8T/h output for your choice.dry. For example: catfish、Tilapia fish 、dog、tortoises、frogs and so on. Just change mould can make many different shape and size. The output pellet can floating on water within 12Hours not sink and not dispersing.

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Extruded aquafeed is a new type of aquafeed that is gradually accepted and promoted by the majority of farmers in line with the benign development needs of global fishery feed for low pollution, low waste, high efficiency and high conversion. In recent years, my country’s aquatic feed production has grown rapidly, and shrimp and precious special aquatic feeds have developed rapidly. Among these special aquatic feeds, extruded pellet feed has become the main product form. Since most of the extrusion and extruded aquatic feed production lines are newly built in recent years, especially the control technology of the operating conditions of the extrusion extruder is not perfect, many domestic feed manufacturers are still grouping for the processing technology and production characteristics of extruded aquatic feed. and development stage, so the processing quality of feed products produced by various moperties cannot be guaranteed. After many years of practical experience in production. Lima floating fish feed pellet machine by dry way can provide efficient and stable performance. According to your own needs, you can choose different kinds of fish feed to produce.

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