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Lima Floating Fish feed pellet machine

Lima floating fish LM70 by dry way is famous for its good quality and high efficiency. It is widely used in aquaculture and husbandry.Fish feed pellet made by Lima machine can help fishes grow faster and stronger. More users choose us because the simple and convenient operation, you can make different kind of feed by just changing the mould.
Model :LM90-B
Capacity (kg/h):500kg/h
Main power (kw):37kw
Feeder power (kw)1.1kw
Screw Diameter (mm):Φ90
Cutter power (kw);2.2kw
Machine size (mm):2600*2100*1900mm
Weight (kg):800kg

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Floating fish feed pellet machine by dry way equipped with advanced technology, which can help kill bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella so as to ensure the safty of fish feed. Free formula will be given if you purchase Lima floating fish feed pellet machine by dry way. With high technology and scientific feed formula, your fish can grow better and healthy. The operation of this fish food machine is easy and easy to learn. To make feeds in different shape and size,you just need to change the mould. Teaching video is available in our web page.and Lima supply more than 10 formula. The capacity of Lima LM70 machine ranges from 50 to 200 kg/h, you can choose it according to needs. And we also provide tailor-made service in accordance with your demand. Choose Lima LM70 fish feed pellet machine, choose efficiency and choose good quality.

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