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Lima fish feed production pellet machine

Lima fish feed production pellet machine

Lima floating fish feed machine by dry way,focus on fish pellet extruder manufacting since 1983.Aquaculture has always been an important part of national agriculture, relying on mountains to eat mountains and water to draft water. For the vast number of farmers close to the waters, aquaculture is a realistic and feasible method and method for them to obtain economic benefits.
Model :LM70
Capacity (kg/h):50-200kg/h
Main power (kw):18.5kw
Feeder power (kw)0.4kw
Screw Diameter (mm):Φ70
Cutter power (kw);0.4kw
Machine size (mm):1650*1400*1300mm
Weight (kg):580kg

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In recent years, with the wide application and continuous innovation of twin-screw extrusion technology, a new type of twin-screw extrusion machine with multi-function, high efficiency and intelligence came into being. Degu’s new twin-screw extruder screw adopts the design of functional screw segment segmented combination, which makes it possible to use different raw materials to produce different kinds of pet food, which can produce crispy pet food (cooked and puffed type), such as dog food and cat food. Food, fish and bird feed, etc., and can also produce chewing pet food (cured and non-puffed type), realizing a multi-purpose machine;

the new twin-screw extruder is also equipped with an automatic circulation cooling system, which can achieve precise temperature control in each zone , unlike the old-fashioned twin-screw extruder that cannot accurately control the temperature due to the frictional heat of the material, so that the production of formula pet food containing heat-sensitive elements is possible; the production process of the Degu twin-screw extruder is also designed. The oral restoration compensation scheme can fully meet the requirements of pet food for palatability.


Lima fish pellet extruder supplier,focus on fish pellet machine manufacturing for 30 years. if interested email to sale@limamachinery.com

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