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Diesel Engine/Electric Type Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine with Factory Price

The floating fish feed making machine has different models and different outputs for you to choose from, we can also make the extruder machine according to your needs.

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LIMA Fish Feed Machine Manufacturer

Henan Lima Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of pellet feed machines in China. Its floating fish feed extruder machine has been sold worldwide, including in Nigeria, Malawi, Ecuador, Pakistan, and Thailand. Clients can buy small fish feed machines, poultry food machines, and large fish feed and feed production lines to satisfy their needs.

Two engine types


Functionally, the production principle of diesel and motor types is the same in all respects—just the different kinds of power.
If there is a lack of electricity in your local area, or the electricity is unstable, it is recommended to choose the diesel type. Still, if the electricity is stable, the electric motor is recommended.

Product Parameter

Model Capacity (kg/h) Main power (kw) Feeder power (kw) Screw Diameter (mm) Cutter power (kw) Machine size (mm) Weight (kg)
LM40 40-60 5.5 0.4 Φ40 0.4 1400*1030*1200 240
LM40 -Diesel 40-60 12HP 0.4 Φ40 0.4 1400*1250*1200 360
LM50 80-100 11 0.4 Φ50 0.4 1470*1100*1250 320
LM50-Diesel 80-100 18HP 0.4 Φ50 0.4 1660*1170*1050 540
LM60 100-150 15 0.4 Φ60 0.4 1470*1100*1250 350
LM60-Diesel 100-150 25HP 0.4 Φ60 0.4 1470*1120*1250 590
LM70 180-200 18.5 0.4 Φ70 0.4 1650*1400*1300 580
LM70-Diesel 180-200 30HP 0.4 Φ70 0.4 2060*1450*1300 740
LM80 200-300 22 0.6 Φ80 0.6 1800*1450*1300 695
LM80-Diesel 200-300 35HP 0.6 Φ80 0.6 2150*1500*1300 850
LM90 300-400 37 0.6 Φ90 0.8 2100*1450*1350 950
LM120 500-800 55 2.5 Φ120 1.1 2440*1950*1650 1860
LM200 1.8t-2.0t 132 4 Φ200 2.5 3100*2850*1900 3800

Packing and delivery

1. The standard export packaging for a pellet machine is a wooden case.
2. Once the machine is manufactured well, we will send you packing photos to check the quality.
3. we will test the machine before packing to ensure you receive good machines.
4. Machine packaging can be tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

Multifunctional feed extruder

Aquafeed:catfish, tilapia, shrimp

pet food:cats, dogs

Machine core components

Omnidirectional circulating stirring :

The screw pushes the material, and the material is automatically and evenly unloaded, saving time and effort.

The Mould:

Different shapes and sizes of particles can be produced by changing molds. And the thickness and length of the particles can also be adjusted freely. A floating fish feed extruder machine can be used for multiple purposes.

Variable speed cutting device:

The length of feed pellets can be adjusted arbitrarily.

The control panel:

The whole machine operates an control panel, which is clear at a glance, safe and convenient.

High quality machine:

Strong power, stable work, low failure rate, long service life


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