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At what stage does catfish start growing faster?


Catfish is a kind of fish we are familiar with. It is also a common economical edible fish. We also eat it in normal times. It is also an important agricultural and aquaculture species. So, how long is the breeding cycle of catfish? Let’s find out together.

floating catfish feed machine
floating catfish feed machine

1. Catfish breeding cycle

The growth cycle of catfish is about 3 months. That is about 80 days to grow up.

catfish feed making machine
catfish feed making machine

2.Depending on your feeding rate nd the quality of the feeds

Feed is critical to the quick production time of catfish. For example, the composition of fish feed and the frequency of feeding, the production process of floating fish feed is very important.Lima is professional floating fish feed machine and fish feed production line manufacturer. we help many fish farmers to produce floating fish feed  in their fish farms by our feed machine. at same time , their catfish grow healthy and Save a lot of money on fish feed. also many of them use floating fish feed machine to produce fish feed for commercial use.

How to Produce Floating Fish Feed  for your catfish farm?

3. Profits from catfish farming

Catfish is a high-density aquaculture industry, and the output per mu is more than 10,000 kilograms. That is to say, the net profit of catfish farmers is basically maintained between 2000$ and 3000$. Moreover, the growth cycle of catfish is short, basically 80 days to 90 days, and there can be two seasons a year. According to this calculation method, assuming that the catfish breeding area is 10 mu (6667 square meter), the minimum net profit for one year is 2000$*10*2 seasons=40000$

catfish farming

4. The prospect of catfish farming

(Catfish) belongs to the order Catfish, Catfish family, Catfish genus. Heilongjiang catfish is not only large and fast growing, but also resistant to low temperature, hypoxia, and delicious meat. It is deeply loved by producers and consumers in northern alpine regions. It is very profitable to raise catfish. Catfish is a valuable nutritional product, which can be compared with shark fins and wild soft-shelled turtles, and is a treasure among fish. Its therapeutic effect and medicinal value surpass that of other fish, and it can strengthen bones and prolong life, and is very popular in the market.

how to produce catfish feed
how to produce catfish feed for your catfish farm?

do you want to make floating feed for your catfish farm? Are you still worrying about expensive floating fish feed? Lima can help you!

floating fish feed machine supplier
floating fish feed machine supplier

Through the above introduction, we now know how long the breeding cycle of catfish is. Catfish is a common fish. It has more meat and less thorns, and it looks like a river eel. Using scientific methods to breed catfish can get twice the result with half the effort.

Everybody wants to show they know something so everybody has a different answer without studying or scientific backing.
That’s how everybody has answer to every mortality and many have lost many fishes because they listened to everyone.
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