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Tips To Reduce Swine Feeding Costs


The pig industry is very popular all over the world. With the prosperity and development of the pig industry, more and more farmers are thinking about a question, how to reduce the cost of breeding and expand their profits?

There are some ways to reduce the cost of raising swine

Tips to reduce swine feeding costs

1. Disease prevention

Take effective measures to prevent disease. Before entering each pig, the equipment and the ground are strictly high-pressure washing and routine disinfection, and the drying time after disinfection should not be less than 7 days.


2.Reduce swine feed waste

According to the experience of farmers, feed accounts for about 69%~83% of the total cost of pig production. Feed waste is a common problem in most pig farms, and waste generally accounts for 3% to 5% of the total consumption. A pig farm with an annual output of 10,000 head needs 8 tons of feed on a day, wasting 240 to 400 kilograms of feed every day, with an annual loss of about 200,000 yuan. Too much feeding is easy to be arched out of the trough and cause feed waste.


3.Improve the swine feed utilization rate

The use of swine feed additives can significantly improve the effective utilization rate of dietary nutrients, reduce the excretion of nutrients, promote the rapid growth of pigs and prevent disease. Feed additives should be used within the shelf life, should choose to use the obvious effect, strong stability.


4. Make our own swine feed by poultry feed machine

We all know that the cost of purchasing swine feed accounts for more than half of the cost of raising swine, and many times we cannot buy high-quality swine feed. Or even bought the fake swine feed. If we are unfortunate enough to buy such swine feed, the swine we raise will not only suffer Missing the growing season, there is even a risk of swine disease. Have you ever thought about making your own swine feed by poultry feed machine? If you are a large swine farm and need to purchase swine feed in large quantities, then making your own swine feed is a very feasible idea for you, which not only reduces the cost of farming, but also allows you to clearly know your swine What to eat, it will give you great peace of mind.

Moreover, if you are more business-minded, you can also sell the swine feed you produce to small swine farms around you, and you can make extra profits because you have your own swine farm, and the swine feed you sell will make swinermen and farmers are more at ease, this is a good business opportunity. Contact us to give you the poultry feed processing machine solution!

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5.The impact of feeding and management work

Site selection to choose convenient transportation, winter warm summer cool, water and electricity easy to pass the place, can appropriately reduce the production cost; scientific feeding includes scientific ingredients, reasonable feeding methods, piglets early feeding. Strengthening management includes timely planting, reasonable grouping, cold prevention and heating protection, heat prevention and cooling, and other work, all directly affect the level of production costs.

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