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What is wet type fish feed extruder machine?


The fish feed extruder machine is divided into a dry type fish feed extruder and a wet type fish feed extruder. The structure of the dry type fish feed extruder is relatively simple. The difference between the wet type fish feed extruder is that it is equipped with a boiler for providing steam and many pipes for conveying steam.
Most of the wet type fish feed extruder machines are twin-screw feed extruders, and some are single-screw feed extruders.


1. Wet type fish feed extruder production process

The fish feed material enters the screw of the fish feed extruder machine through the modulator and feeder for expansion. During the extrusion process, the boiler continuously supplies steam to the screw. The raw material is fully matured at high temperature and high pressure between the screw and the screw sleeve, and the extruded material is pushed through the extrusion of the screw. Out of the mold hole to form a floatable expanded particle. The diameter of the fish feed is adjusted by changing the molds with different apertures, and the thickness of the fish feed is controlled by adjusting the rotational speed of the rotary cutter.


2. What is wet type fish feed extruder machine used for?

The wet type fish feed extruder is equipped with a boiler, which can continuously supply hot steam to the screw during the feed production process, and the produced feed has a higher degree of maturation, smoother particles and higher quality. It can produce various floating or sinking aquatic feeds such as fish, eels, shrimps, crabs, loaches, bullfrogs, etc. It can also produce various pet feeds such as cats and dogs. Particle size can be from 0.4-15mm to facilitate feeding fish of different sizes. Lima’s fish feed extruder has high output and high product quality, and is the first choice for medium and large feed processing plants and aquaculture farms. Widely used in fish feed production line.


3.Characteristics of wet type fish feed extruder machine

(1) Feeding, rotary cutting and main drive are all using variable frequency speed control system, strong power, stable operation, energy saving, high aquatic efficiency, strong and durable equipment, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance.
(2)The screw is made of alloy material by special process, and its long service life is 3-4 times higher than similar domestic machines, and low feed production cost; segmented combined screw, a wide range of raw materials and more diverse products.
(4)The feeding system adopts spiral forced feeding, which is uniform and extensive. An automatic feeding system can be equipped
(5)Double screw has self-cleaning function, the use of equipment is more reasonable and convenient.
(6)Different screw and length ratio can meet different production processes.
(7)Processing of floating feed does not need adhesive, can be stable in water for more than 12 hours.


4.  Advantage of wet type fish feed extruder machine


(1) The raw material has a wider adaptability and can be adapted to the processing of high viscosity, low viscosity, high oil content, high moisture or viscous, oily, very wet and other materials that will slip in a single screw (SSE).

(2) There are fewer restrictions on the particle size of the raw materials, and it can be adapted to the processing of raw materials with a wide particle size or from fine powder to coarse powder particles and the processing of raw materials with a particle size outside the specific range of single-screw processing.

(3) The material flow is more uniform in the barrel, which can be more accurately scaled regardless of the addition of steam, water and other auxiliary processes to achieve the actual demand effect.

(4) The internal and external quality of the product is better, it can achieve a very good homogeneous state and make the molecular structure of the material evenly arranged, the surface is smooth during the extrusion process, and the product particle has high uniformity and uniformity.

(5) The effect of ripening and homogenization is better. Usually, the starch ripening degree can reach more than 95%, so that the processed aquafeed can be kept stable in water and the nutrients of the product will not be lost, and it is easy to digest and absorb.

(6) The output is higher under the same power, and the good mixing performance makes the heat obtained by the material uniform in time, accelerates the degree of maturation of the material, reduces the fluctuation of material temperature, and improves the output of extruded products.

(7) The product diversity and adaptability are wider, and it can process particulate aquatic feed, high-oil formula, high-moisture, high-cohesion products, and multi-color, sandwich, and special-shaped products.

(8) The process operation is simpler, and the spindle speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the processed products. Due to the self-cleaning feature, the cleaning is very convenient, and there is no need to disassemble and assemble the equipment after each processing.

(9) Wear parts are lighter. Usually a misconception thinks that the wear of the single screw is less. In fact, during the twin-screw extrusion process, due to the characteristics of stable material conveying and material flow, it determines the impact of the material on the screw and barrel. The wear of the sleeve is smaller than that of the single screw, and although there is more than one set of screws, the cost of its accessories is still lower than that of the single screw.

(10) The production cost is lower. Due to the good operation stability of the twin-screw model, in the feed processing process, the startup cost is less, the waste of water and gas is less, the labor cost is less, the heat transfer efficiency is high, the yield is high, and the kWh output With high indicators and low cost of accessories, the final production cost is still much lower than that of a single screw.

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