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How To Start Catfish Farming At Home?


Catfish is a kind of aquatic product with more flesh and less thorns, and it is very popular now. Now there are special catfish farms in many areas, and you can also breed catfish at home. If you also want to breed catfish at home, do you know how to raise catfish well? Let’s learn about it together.

How to start catfish farming at home

1. Catfish Breeding environment

The choice of where to build the catfish pond is very important. When choosing a catfish pond, it is necessary to ensure that the water source is sufficient, the water quality is good, and the drainage is convenient. For example, the catfish pond is in front of the house and behind the house, which is conducive to the management of the catfish pond. At the same time, we should try to choose places or crops that are close to the orchard. Only then can we get the most out of trap lights.


2.Establishment of a catfish pond

According to the specific conditions of the terrain, choose to dig a hole or build a pool in the ground. Digging down to build a pond can keep the water temperature constant, keeping the body temperature of the catfish in the winter, which helps promote catfish growth. However, pond excavation can only be carried out if the drainage conditions are good enough.
The optimal area for a catfish pond is 15 square meters, and a rectangle is a common shape for catfish ponds. As for the structure of the catfish pond, it is best to use bricks and cement mortar to flatten the catfish wall so that the fish pond does not leak. As for the water injection of fish ponds, a depth of 0.9 meters is sufficient. Place a certain number of tiled columns and altars at the bottom of the catfish pond and use them as places where the fish can rest.


3.Catfish fry into the pond

After the catfish pond is disinfected, in order to ensure the water quality, you should wait for a week before placing the fry in the catfish pond. After filling a 0.9-meter-deep fish pond with water, the basic fertilizer chosen can be biogas residue with a content of 250 grams per square meter. After 1 week of fry storage, choose disease-free, harmless, healthy and lively fry. In terms of the size of the catfish chosen, at least 3 cm should be controlled. The basis of this fish selection is to prevent fish from harming each other.

4.Catfish fry storage

In the usual management of catfish, we should pay attention to insect control. Before putting the fry into the catfish pond, we should do a good job of disinfection of the catfish body. Before storing the fry, we can put several fry into matching ponds for trial culture. If the fry survive safely for a day, we can put the rest of the fry into the pool water. The best time to release seedlings is on a sunny day. Regarding the content of seedlings, 75 fry with a length of 3 cm can be placed per square meter.

5.Feed catfish floating fish feed

When catfish are raised in fish ponds, most are fed commercial floating fish feed. floating fish feed is made by fish feed extruder machine under high temperature and high pressure. High temperature and high pressure make the fish feed more mature, and also kill many bacteria, and the fish feed is easier to digest and absorb. At the same time, the fish feed produced by the extruder has better gelatinization degree, better stability in water, and is not easy to pollute water quality.

Floating fish feed extruder machine
Floating fish feed extruder machine

It can be used with other supplementary feeds if conditions permit. The feeding time must be fixed, and it needs to be fed once a day in the morning and in the afternoon. What we need to do is keep the amount of feed constant. During the feeding process, the water in the pond should be changed frequently. In general, it is best to replace a third of the water at 2 weeks. We should always observe the changes in the water quality of the pond to ensure that the water quality of the pond is better.

6. Catfish farm water quality management

When the water color is yellow-green, the water quality is higher. If there are fry diving to the surface, it means that the pond is severely hypoxic. What we need to do is to drain the old water and replenish the new water in time. When the weather is very hot or it rains heavily, more fresh water is needed to increase the oxygen content in the water. If conditions permit, special oxidation equipment can be used to increase oxygen and prevent fish death more effectively. Plant some floating lotus seeds on the water surface to provide shade, prevent fish from escaping, and improve the water body at the same time.


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