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Which Feeds Is Best For Fish Farming?


As we all know, aquafeed is usually divided into two types, which is floating fish feed and sinking fish feed, for floating fish feed is the most suitable for fish farming.

Which feeds is best for fish farming
Which feeds is best for fish farming

1. What is floating fish feed?

The floating fish feed can float in the water for a long time without sinking, and has good stability in the water and is not easy to break.
The floating fish feed is made of an fish feed extruder. The fish feed raw material enters the screw and is instantly extruded under high temperature and high pressure.Fish feed floats on the water surface due to various reasons like low bulk density, air sacs in extruded feed, low moisture, buoyancy – water stability & other extrusion properties termed as floating fish feed.

2.Benefits of floating fish feed raw material

floating fish feed mainly use: protein raw material, energy raw material, oil raw material, vitamin feed, raw material is rich in nutrition, balanced nutrients can better promote the growth of fish, the fish fed with this raw material meat is delicious, can sell better, improve farmers’ breeding income.

3.Benefits of floating fish feed products for fish

(1)Due to the high temperature disinfection, the floating fish feed is more safe and hygienic

The production temperature of ordinary submerged feed is only 85-95℃, while the floating feed production temperature of floating feed is up to 120-145℃, the maximum temperature of extrusion and expansion can reach more than 150℃, and the action time of feed raw materials at high temperature is very short, about 8 seconds. Raw materials after high temperature, high pressure swelling can make various microorganisms, eggs, pathogenic bacteria in the feed are killed, improve the quality of the feed, reduce animal digestive tract diseases. At the same time, floating feed through high temperature ripening to improve the feed appetite and absorption and utilization

(2)It reduces the antinutrition in the floating fish feed raw material and improves the feed absorption rate

They will adversely affect the digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients in the feed and cause adverse physiological reactions to people and animals, collectively referred to as anti-nutritional factors. There are many such nutritional factors in the feed raw materials, such as oil 6 seed solid, soybean cake and cotton seed cake meal in the imperial back, gossyl, trypsin inhibitor and other nutritional factors, these nutritional factors lost or partially lost in the process of swelling, thus reducing the destruction of animal endogenous digestive enzymes, improve the digestion and absorption rate of feed。

(3) Improved the palatability and flavor of the floating fish feed, and promote aquatic animal feeding

After the floating material, the product is pine, porous, crisp, and has a very good mouth and flavor. Templates can be made into different shapes of mold holes, so it can suppress different shapes of animals favorite puffed particles. Special high-fat feed can also be produced

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