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Why Is Floating Fish Feed Use?


Floating fish feed and sinking fish feed are the two most important feeds in the aquaculture industry. With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, the technology of aquatic feed has also been greatly improved, and floating fish feed is more and more widely used in the aquatic industry. Now let us introduce to you why is floating fish feed used more?


1. Advantages of floating fish feed

(1) Floating fish feed is easy to feeds and management

Floating fish feed can be suspended on the water surface for a long time, feeding does not need to set up a special feeding table, only fixed point feeding can be. Fish feeding needs to float on the surface of the water, can directly observe the eating situation of fish, timely adjust the feeding amount, and can timely understand the growth and health status of fish. Therefore, the use of floating fish feed helps the farmers to calculate the amount of bait according to the variety, specification, quantity, water temperature, and bait rate of the raised fish, fast feeding, not only saves a lot of time but also can improve the efficiency.


(2) The use of floating fish feed can reduce the occurrence of diseases

Feed raw materials often contain harmful microorganisms, such as good gas organisms, neutrophilic bacteria, Escherichia coli, mold, Salmonella, etc., animal feed raw material content is relatively large. The puffed floating fish feed is made by fish feed extruder machine. In the floating fish feed-making process, the swelling of high temperature, high humidity, and high pressure can kill most harmful microorganisms. The number of E. coli per gram of raw material reached 10000, puffed only less than 10, Salmonella after more than 85℃ high-temperature expansion, basic can be killed, which helps to maintain water quality and reduce the adverse environmental factors of aquaculture, at the same time reached 0.4, which is equivalent to water content in 8% -10%, better improve the storage stability of feed.


(3) The use of floating fish feed is conducive to improving the feed utilization rate,reduce the costs in aquaculture farm

The puffed floating fish feed was made by fish feed extruder under high temperature, high-pressure processing. Due to the high temperature, high-pressure processing conditions, the starch in the feed is ripe, fat is more conducive to digestion and absorption, and destroys and softens the fiber structure and cell wall, destroying the cotton phenol in cotton seed meal and soybean anti-trypsin and other harmful substances, thus improving the palatability and digestion and absorption rate of the feed. In addition, due to the physical and chemical changes of puffed processing, the puffed feed generally produces powder within 1%, which directly improves the effective use of feed. In general, raising fish farming with puffed and floating feed can save 5% to 10% of feed compared with powder material or other pellet feed. Greatly reduce the costs in aquaculture farm


(4) The use of floating fish feed can improve the impact on water quality

The use of puffed and floating fish feed can reduce the pollution of water quality. Expansion floating fish feed in the water for a long time will not dissolve, high quality floating fish feed floating time for up to 12 hours, at least 6 hours of floating time, and bait easy observation control, reduce or avoid powder, the remaining residual bait of water pollution, for environmental protection and the growth of the fish is very beneficial.


2. The use of floating fish feed has a wide market prospect


(1) From the way of breeding, puffed floating fish feed has a wide range of applicability

From the way of breeding, the puffed floating fish feed has a wide range of applicability, pond fish, rice field fish, water fish, cage fish, factory fish, and large surface fish breeding can use floating fish feed. Especially for the small aquaculture density of Shanping pond fish farming, rice field fish farming, and large water surface intensive aquaculture, floating fish feed is superior to other feed.


(2) In terms of breeding varieties, extruded floating fish feeds are suitable for more cultured species

In terms of breeding varieties, whether freshwater fish or seawater fish, in addition to the few benthic fish that are extremely difficult to domestication to the surface, can well feed floating fishing feed, such as bass, snakehead, ornamental fish, frog, turtle, turtle, fork tail and other famous and excellent varieties, as well as conventional breeding grass carp, carp, crucian carp, and other varieties. For the beautiful frog, sea bass, and other varieties with relatively special physiological functions, using floating feed for breeding, is more convenient, and more can show its advantages.


According to different varieties and different growth and development stages, the production of puffed floating fish feed suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs can well meet the needs of conventional breeding and special aquaculture for its feed, which not only facilitates the breeding producers but also can promote the development of production.


If you want to make your own floating fish feed for your farm or want to build a floating fish feed mill but do what equipment is needed for fish feed production, welcome to contact us!

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