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Catfish Fish Farmers: How to Save Money on Fish Feed?


Many Catfish farmers lose their profit because they spend more money on different feeds to get the right one for the healthy growth of their fish, but they do not know that there is a nutritional requirement for catfish feed. When rearing fishes such as Catfish, they must get enough fish feed with the proper nutrient to keep them healthy and grow well. Proper fish feed should make with unique raw materials.

Here is the nutritional requirement for Catfish. These nutrients are listed in order of importance and how essential they are in feed formulation. Like other fishes, Catfish also need protein, vitamins, minerals even carbohydrates to maintain healthy growth and weight so that Catfish can develop fast.
1. Energy (Carbohydrate): Grains of cereals and cassavas are the significant sources of this nutrient. They provide the energy needed for catfishes.
2. Vitamins and minerals: Growth, health, and body process are controlled by vitamins and minerals. For example, organic and inorganic chemicals are found in this nutrition class.
3. Protein: This class of nutrients is required to build body tissues and replace damaged tissues. However, it contains physiological molecules such as hormones and enzymes.
4. Fat: This contains vital fatty acids and enhances energy delivery in the feed.

Producing high-quality fish feed is also vital for fish farmers, so they should use professional machines to make it. LIMA is a professional company that develops manufacturing-supplying floating fish feed machines. These machines can produce fish feed pellets from 40kg-10ton/h, used for aquaculture and animal husbandry, such as Catfish, Tilapia fish, dogs, tortoises, frogs, etc. If you are interested in fish feed machines, please contact us; we can design a unique fish feed pellet machine for you according to your requirement.

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