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What Are the Symptoms of Koi Vertical Scale Disease? What Caused it? How to Prevent for Fish Farmers?


Koi’s vertical scale disease is also called loose scale disease, pinball disease, etc. It usually occurs in spring, and sometimes it may happen in the late overwintering period. The disease’s mortality rate is more than 50%, so fish farmers should strengthen their understanding of the disease and preventive measures. So what is the cause of koi vertical scale disease? What are the symptoms? How can fish farmers prevent koi vertical scale disease? The details are as follows:

The Symptoms of Koi Fish Vertical Scale Disease 

1. In the initial stage, about 5 to 8 scales of the fish will be slightly turned up, and the roots of the scales will be congested. If not correctly treated, the scales will gradually turn red like pine cones. The scales of fish are important because they will promote the protection of the fish body. Once they suffered bacterial invasion, the scales fell off and died.

2. The scales are erected, the eyeballs protrude, the abdomen is swollen, ascites. Also, the liquid exists in the sacs that can be sprayed with exudate by lightly pressing scales.

Causes of Koi Fish Vertical Scale Disease

1. Seasonal changes and changes in the aquarium’s temperature will most likely cause this disease.

2. The water quality has deteriorated.

How to Prevent For Fish Farmers?

1. Mixing four ten thousandths of table salt and four ten thousandths of baking soda, sprinkle it all over the tank or take a medicated bath, which can treat vertical scales.

2. Use 0.1 g of nitrofurazone powder plus two gentamicin, and dissolve them in an aquarium of 80 cm × 50 cm × 40 cm. Long-term medicated bathing has a specific effect, especially for diseased fish in the early stage of illness.

3. Sulfadiazine (SD) has special effects. The method is to raise the diseased fish in 0.5% saltwater, stop eating for two days to empty the intestinal contents, put it back into clean water, and feed the sulfadiazine into tiny particles, 0.2 grams per tail, once every other day, five times in a row. It can also prevent vertical scale disease during the onset season.

4. Salt bath method: Use 2% saltwater to soak diseased fish for 10 minutes, once a week. After 3-4 times of continuous soaking, continue resting, and it will get better or heal soon.

5. A good fish feed can make water clean. 

The Lima fish feed machine can produce the floating fish feed. Output pellet can be floating on the water within 12 Hours, not sink and not disperse, which keeps water no polluting. Most importantly, the puffed feed pellet through high temperature will kill such diseases as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, which can keep fish eating healthy food, eating and digesting quickly, and making your fish grow fast.


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