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How To Make Fish Farming Profitable


There are many factors on how to raise fish to be more profitable. For example: business direction; selection of fish species; nutrition balanced feed formula, making farm own fish feed by floating fish feed extruder machine, etc.

How To Make Fish Farming Profitable


1.The right business direction can improve the income of fish farming

According to their economic strength, resources and management level, to determine their own high investment, high yield, high risk of special aquatic products, or low risk, low technical requirements, stable conventional fish, fish; or fish, or a single breed pond, or multiple varieties of mixed breeding.


2.Fish varieties can also affect the fish farming benefits.

It is necessary to choose the varieties according to the market demand, at present, to promote the catfish, white fish, flower bone fish, mandarin fish, sun fish and other new high-quality aquaculture varieties, the breeding investment of these breeding varieties is not much higher than the four big fish, but the comprehensive economic benefits is much higher than raising the four big fish.


3. The per-mu yield should be appropriate

To optimize the matching stocking mode, a reasonable yield should be reasonably determined, do not simply pursue the yield per mu while ignoring the average economic benefits per mu, and high-density breeding can easily lead to a high incidence of fishing diseases.


4. A nutritibalanced feed can make fish farming more profitable

Feed accounts for 70%~80% of the cost of fish farming, and feed nutrition should be balanced to meet the needs of growth. To measure the quality of a feed variety, the key is to see how much money to cost per long kilogram of commercial fish, one-sided pursuit of feed coefficient or feed price is not desirable.


5. Make your own floating fish feed pellets.

As a fish farmer, we all know that the cost of purchasing fish feed accounts for more than half of the cost of raising fish, and many times we cannot buy high-quality fish feed. Or even bought the fake fish feed. If we are unfortunate enough to buy such fish feed, the fish we raise will not only suffer Missing the growing season, there is even a risk of fish disease. So, have you ever thought about making your own fish feed? If you are a large fish farm and need to purchase fish feed in large quantities, then making your own fish feed by floating fish feed extruder machine is a very feasible idea for you, which not only reduces the cost of farming, but also allows you to clearly know your fish What to eat, it will give you great peace of mind.

Floating fish feed extruder machine
Floating fish feed extruder machine


Moreover, if you are more business-minded, you can also sell the floating fish feed you produce to the small fish farms around you, and you can make extra profits because you have your own fish farm, and the fish feed you sell will make Fishermen and farmers are more at ease, this is a good business opportunity, would creat more profits for you!


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