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Nigeria Chicken Farmers Should Know the Coccidiosis


Coccidiosis is a common protozoal disease in chickens and other poultry. The disease mainly affects chickens less than 90 days old, especially chickens between 15 and 50 days old. The condition is more common and more serious. Laying hens are often worm carriers, but the symptoms are not obvious. However, mixed necrotizing enteritis and other diseases can also cause severe symptoms and death, which will affect the laying rate and the health of the flock. Chicks are susceptible to caecal coccidia, and grown-up chickens are easy to intestinal coccidia.

(1) Feeding Management. Coccidiosis is mainly spread by feces or mouth, that is, spread by chickens eating fecal-contaminated feed and drinking water containing infectious oocysts, and can also be spread by some insects, breeders, and feeding utensils. The survival of coccidian oocysts requires sufficient temperature, humidity, and oxygen. Chicken farmers should keep the chicken coop dry, the cages and the drinking water pipeline clean, reduce the breeding density, prevent the chickens from drilling out of the cell to move on the ground. Pay attention to the width of the upper and lower floors to minimize the pollution of the lower layer by the feces of the upper layer when installing the chicken cage. Moreover, feeding a nutrient-balanced, VA and VK-rich feed can also reduce the incidence and severity of the disease.

(2) Drug Prevention and Treatment. It can be administered twice at the age of 20 days and 50 days because the chicks are susceptible to Coccidiosis after 15 days of age. It is better to use the medicine during the immune gap. Generally, the chicks are put in large cages for 50 days because they no longer get out of the cage in large numbers and peck the ground. At this time, it is necessary to use medicine to prevent them.

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