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Selection of Fish Feed Ingredients


With the increasing demand for commercial fish, the need for fish feed is also significantly increased. Some fish farmers will buy machines to produce fish feed to satisfy their fishing grounds and sell them to others for profit. But there are some issues to be aware of when making feed.


The selection of raw materials should be based on high quality and low price, stable supply, and convenient transportation. When conditions permit, the more types of raw materials, the better so that the essential amino acids in the feed can be balanced as much as possible, and the needs of fish for various essential amino acids can be met to the greatest extent. Fish farmers must never use moldy and spoiled raw materials, which contain a lot of germs and toxins. For example, moldy corn contains highly toxic aflatoxins, which can easily cause fish diseases after feeding them. Although raw materials such as cottonseed and rapeseed meals are cheap and high in protein content, they contain anti-nutritional factors such as gossypol and glucosinolate, respectively. Excessive use will affect fish growth, so the dosage should be limited. Generally not more than 10%. Some fish farmers will use cheap oil residue and meat patties to reduce costs. Still, these raw materials are mixed with many animal skins, which affects the smooth progress of the crushing and granulation process. It is also not easy to digest. The fats are saturated, and some will become rancid due to the long storage time. The utilization rate of saturated fat in fish is low. Excessive intake of rancid fat can also lead to fatty liver and other diseases in fish. Therefore, the number of raw materials should be controlled below 5%. Finally, fish farmers should pay attention to the moisture content of raw materials when selecting raw materials. Too high moisture will reduce the nutritional value of the feed and may also lead to mildew to shorten the feed’s storage time.


LIMA, a Chinese professional company, is devoted to manufacturing-supplying floating fish feed and poultry feed pellet machines. A small fish feed production line, including the grinder, mixer, extruder, and dryer, suits small farming and factory.

Grinder: Grinding grain to make raw materials powder

Mixer: To mix different raw materials powder, and blend evenly according to the formula

Extruder: To make floating fish feed pellet

Dryer: To dry feed pellet, reduce the moisture of feed, can keep feed stocking for three months

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