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What are the Types of Fish Feed Pellet?


1. Dough and pie feed

It is a feed processed into powdered meals by spraying oil which can play the role of waterproofing and increasing energy, adding water and binders. The binder is mainly starch, which has good water stability and is suitable for cultivating shrimp and small fish.

2. Extruded floating fish feed

A special extruder process. A screw extrudes powdered feed under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. This feed has low density, good flotation, and less nutrient loss. It is the choice of most fish farmers.

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3. Soft fish feed pellet

It is made by adding water to powder feed and pressing it through a pellet mill. It has high water content and is suitable for direct feeding after processing without storage.

4. Hard fish feed pellet

The hard pellet feed is made of powdered meals by stirring and mixing, adding water, and pressing by a die or extruding from a ring die after being heated by steam. The hard pellet feed is suitable for fresh feeding, which can save energy consumption.

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