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Some Tips for Nigeria Fish Farmers to Maintain Fish Pond


Precautions for raising fish in new fish ponds

1. Pond disinfection

Before stocking fish fry, fish farmers need to soak and clean the fish ponds with clean water, soak them for several days, then drain them and expose them to the sun for some time to remove harmful substances such as heavy metal salts. There is also a way to disinfect the fish pond, which is to sprinkle the whole pond with quicklime evenly.

2. Apply enough basal fertilizer

To ensure that there is sufficient natural bait in the pond, it is generally necessary to apply basal fertilizer to improve the fertility of the pond water and promote the reproduction and growth of plankton. The base fertilizer needs to be mainly based on pig, cattle, and other poultry manure. Fertilizer can be applied ten days before the seedling pond.

3. Put the fry

Before placing the fry, the depth of the pond should be 1.5-2m, the watercolor should be gray-white, and the transparency should be about 30cm.

4. Daily management

Fish farmers know that fish are prone to large-scale infection, so fish-related items such as feed tables and tools must be disinfected frequently to avoid diseases. It is necessary to clean up the weeds, remaining fish feed pellets, and other debris in the pond in time and replenish oxygen to prevent floating heads. In addition, Fish farmers should often observe fish activities, such as eating feed, to judge their physical condition.


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