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How Nigeria Fish Farmers Clear the Turbid Water in the New Fishing Pond?


Fish farmers will encounter a problem: the fish pond water can quickly become cloudy, which will cause large-scale fish infection.

So, how to solve this problem?

1. You can change the water and add water appropriately to improve the turbidity of the fish pond. Generally, you can change the water once a week or so.
2. Regularly use quicklime to adjust the water quality and add oxygen to the water in time, which can avoid the breeding of oxygen bacteria and keep the bottom of the water clean and hygienic.

How to prevent the water from becoming turbid?

1. Planting an appropriate amount of aquatic plants in the water can improve the water quality and provide bait for the fish.
2. Although the exposure of fish ponds to the sun can play a role in killing viruses, do not overdo it. If the fish pond is wholly exposed to the sun, the algae will multiply, which will cause the water body to become turbid, so it can be appropriately shaded to prevent the outbreak of algae.
3. Feeding too many fish feed pellets will also make the pond water turbid, so the feeding amount can be appropriately reduced to prevent the water body from becoming turbid.
The floating fish feed allows fish farmers to see the feeding activities of the fish and makes it easier for them to salvage residues and keep the water in the fish pond clean. LIMA, a Chinese professional company, is devoted to manufacturing-supplying floating fish feed pellet machines and poultry feed pellet machines. It has successfully developed different fish feed pellet machines with advanced technology and reliable performance. You can try it to grow your fish farm; don’t hesitate to contact us.

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