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Pakistan Fish Farmers Should Know the Importance of Fish Feed


Before designing a formula, fish farmers must clarify the fish’s type and growth stage to be raised to determine the level of nutrients such as protein and energy in the feed. It is necessary to meet the protein needs of fish growth and to make the ratio of energy and protein moderate.

Too high and too low energy-to-protein ratios are not conducive to fish growth. Fish farmers should consider the relationship between the nutritional level of the feed and the test weight when designing a formula. It is necessary to ensure that the fish can absorb sufficient nutrients and make them feel full. Fish mainly use protein as an energy source, and the utilization rate of fat and sugar is low, so the demand for protein is higher than that of livestock and poultry. Different stages of fish growth have specific requirements for various nutrients. For example, the protein content of juvenile carp feed is 41% to 43%, fingerling 37% to 42%, and adult fish is 28% to 32%.


Introduced ten formulas for fish farmers:

1, cornmeal 50%, wheat middling flour 12%, flour 10%, soybean meal 3%, rice flour 5%, meat 20%.

2, corn meal 55%, wheat middling flour 10%, flour 5%, puffing powder 20%, soybean meal 3%, meat powder, 5%, animal fat 1.5%, salt 0.5%.

3, wheat middling flour 15%, rice shell powder 10%, soybean meal 20%, rapeseed meal 16%, cottonseed meal 8%, cornmeal 5%, fish meal 5%, flour 25%.

4, corn rice meal mixture 20%, flour 25%, bran 5%, soybean protein 20%, fish meal, rapeseed meal 16%, cottonseed meal 8%.

5, corn rice meal mixture 17%, flour 25%, bran 5%, soybean protein 20%, fish meal 9%, rapeseed meal 16%, cottonseed meal 8%.

6, corn rice meal mixture 11%, flour 25%, bran 5%, soybean protein 20%, fish meal 15%, rapeseed meal 16%, cottonseed meal 8%.

7, corn meal 52.8%, bran 22.5%, soybean meal 17.5%, fish meal 3.5%, bone powder 1.2%, trace element 1.5%.

8, corn meal 60%, soybean meal 10% , bran 17%, cottonseed cake 10%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 2%, additives 1%.

9, corn meal 50%, soybean meal 28.7%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 2%, stone meal 1.3%, meat powder, 3%, premix 15%.

10, corn meal 65.9, soybean meal 16%, bran 12%, fish meal 3.2%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.4%, premix 1.5%.


Fish farmers should know that raw materials can be added to table salt, seasoning oil, and raw material moisture is between 15%-18%. Producing high-quality fish feed is also vital for fish farmers, so they should use professional machines to make it. LIMA is a professional company that develops manufacturing-supplying floating fish feed machines. If you are interested in fish feed machines, please contact us; we can design a unique fish feed pellet machine for you according to your requirement.

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