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The advantage of floating fish feed pellets.


Except for a few bottom-dwelling fish, both freshwater fish and marine fish can be fed floating fish feed pellets, such as bass, snakehead fish, ornamental fish, American frog, sea turtle, catfish, etc. As well as common species such as grass carp, carp, and crucian carp. For the special cases of perch, American frog and other physiological functions, it is more convenient to use floating fish feed pellets for aquaculture and can show its superiority. The following is the advantage of floating fish feed pellets. want to produce floating fish feed ,you must choose a high quality of floating fish feed making machine. Lima focus on floating fish feed machines since 1985, and professional fish feed making machines manufacturer. high quality and reasonable price.



1. Using floating fish feed pellets makes feeding management more convenient and improves labor productivity

Aquafeed can be suspended on the water surface for a long time. Fish need to float on the water when eating, so that we can directly observe the feeding situation of the fish, adjust the feeding amount in time, and also facilitate us to understand the growth and health of the fish. Therefore, using floating fish feed pellets is conducive to scientific feeding management, which can not only save a lot of time, but also improve labor productivity. Farmers can calculate the feeding amount according to the species, size, quantity, water temperature, feeding speed, etc. of the fish, and then feed them quickly, which can not only save a lot of time, but also improve labor productivity.


2. The extruded floating fish feed pellets is not easy to pollute the water quality

The floating fish feed pellets has good stability in water and does not dissolve within two hours. The floating time of the high-quality floating fish feed is up to 12 hours, which can avoid the loss of nutrients in the water or sinking into the mud and waste. Floating fish feed pellets is better than sinking fish feed pellets. Fish feed saves 10-20% of material, and even the remaining part of the feed can be picked up and dried, which can control feed waste very well. Floating fish feed pelelts is easy to observe and control, which can reduce or avoid the pollution of water bodies by powdery materials and residual bait, which is beneficial to environmental protection and fish growth.



3. Floating fish feed pellets rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb

Floating fish feed pellets is rich in nutrients and comprehensive, and the feed raw materials contain many anti-nutritional factors, such as gossypol, saponin, trypsin inhibitor, etc., which exist in oilseeds, soybean meal and cotton meal. Under certain moisture and temperature, these anti-nutritional factors gradually lose part of their activity during the expansion process, thereby reducing the damage to digestive enzymes, improving the digestion and absorption rate of feed, and reducing excretion.


4. Different size with floating fish feed pellets

According to different species and different growth stages, the fish feed pellet machine can produce floating fish feed suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs. The extruded feed pellets have loose, porous, crispy structure, good taste and flavor. The template can be made with holes of different sizes, so that particles of different sizes can be pressed. It can also produce special high-fat feed for Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and other aquaculture species, some of which have a fat content of up to 30%.
It can not only meet the needs of conventional breeding and special breeding, but also facilitate the breeding of producers and promote the development of production.


Lima floating fish feed machines manufacturer


Floating fish feed pellets has a very wide applicability and can be used for pond fish farming, paddy field fish farming, running water fish farming, cage fish farming, industrial fish farming, and large-scale fish farming. Especially for fisheries with low breeding density, such as pond fish culture, paddy field fish culture, and large-scale fish culture, the use of floating fish feed pellets is superior to other fish feeds pellets.

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