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Which feed is best for fish farming?


There are numerous fish diets on the fish feed market. How do you know which feed is best for fish farming?

Usually, there are three kinds of fish feeds that can be fed to fish, namely animal-based feed, plant-based feeds, grain-based fish feeds and pellet fish feeds.

1. Animal-Based Fish Feeds. Among them, animal feeds include slushy water, rotifers, water fleas, water earthworms, fly maggots, etc.

2. Plant-Based Fish Feeds. In addition to aquatic plants and algae, plant-based feeds include common grasses and leguminous forages, which are good feeds for herbivorous fish. The grasses of the grass family should be harvested at heading, and the forages of the leguminous family should be harvested at the beginning of flowering. After harvesting, the forage should be fed in time. If it is left for too long, the nutrients will be easily lost and the palatability will be poor. The green feed can be directly fed to adult fish after being cut short. If it is used to feed fry, it should be chopped or beaten. The green feed can also be fed after fermentation, which can significantly improve the palatability and utilization.

3. Grain-Based Fish Feeds. Grain and its processed by-products must be properly processed before use. Grains with large grains should be crushed, and grains with small grains should be germinated first. The cake feed should be soaked, and the pulp should be refined when feeding small fish. The bran-based feed can be fed to small fish after being macerated and refined, and can be used to feed medium to large fish when it is fermented until it smells of wine.

4. Pellet Fish Feed. Pellet fish feed is easy to eat and digest, and it is not easy to deliquescence and mildew after long-term storage. Pellet fish feed is generally made according to different ingredient formulas. Contains a variety of raw materials and trace elements, comprehensive nutrition. It can prevent animals from picking their favorite food from the powder and refuse to ingest other ingredients, reducing nutrient loss, preventing waste, and avoiding or reducing water pollution.

Due to the various advantages of pellet fish feed, more and more fish farm farmers choose pellet fish feed to feed their fish, and many of them begin to make their own fish feed.  Fish feed pellets have a very large market and development potential. Lima feed machinery has been engaged in the manufacture of fish feed extruders for more than ten years. Not only provide single fish feed pellet extruders mill, but also different fish feed pellet making  machine line, we can customize the suitable solution according to your needs.

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