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Types of chicken Layers feed in nigeria


Usually, chicken feed is divided into three which are the Chicks Mash which are given to the birds from the beginning; The crumble chicken feed which are given to the birds when they have come of age; And the Layers feed pellets which are being given to the birds when they have started Laying eggs.



1.Mash Chicks Feed:

It is simply crushed and mixed into a loose chicks feed. For chicks, their feed must be rich in protein and focused on ensuring rapid growth and good health. Feed the chicks when they want to eat. It’s completely nutritious feed. It’s the best chicks feed on the market today, and its texture is similar to potting soil. Because it is easy to digest, it is used on young chicks. This type is suitable for chicks from the first 1 to 6 weeks. The mash chicks feed is made by the chicken feed crushing machine/grain crusher machine and mixing machine



2.Crumble Chicken Feed:

Crushed feed is usually produced by crushing, mixing, pelleting and broking. It’s easier to manage than mash feeds. Its texture is mainly similar to oatmeal. And make sure to have a constant supply of fresh and clean water according to their needs. Add some dry ground wheat and dry mash. This type of feed supports the growth of the chickens after the first six weeks until the hens start laying eggs.

3.Chicken Feed Pellets:

Feed pellets are made by grinding, mixing and pelleting processes. This type of Feed is the most common type. They are designed for high-yield hens. This egg-laying has the right mineral, energy and protein ratios, as egg-laying consumes their energy. It takes about 24 to 25 hours for a chicken to produce an egg, so your chicken should have pellets all day. Laying hens need calcium, which is used to make eggs. Oyster shells are usually used because they are a source of calcium. If the chicken’s digestive system is empty, she can’t make any eggs, so make sure your chicken rests with full crops at night.


Both Crumble Chicken Feed and Chicken Feed Pellets are make by poultry feed pellet machine/line, welome to inquiry us about the poultry feed pellet machine you want to make your own chicken feed pellets. It is cheaper to make your own chicken feed. Or tell us your conditon if you have no idea how to start your feed pellet mill for poultry, we have customed poultry feed pellet making solution.

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