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How To Become Fish Farmers in Nigeria


Tropical fish is one of the leading aquaculture products in Nigeria, such as Tilapi and Catfish. It has delicious meat, few spines, and high protein content. The breeding cycle of tilapia is about 5-6 months. Generally, the fry is put in mid-April and then caught in about October. The current stage is the period when fish farmers start to put in fry. There are a few things that fish farmers need to pay attention to before putting in fry.

1.The environment of the pond is vital,fish farmers need to ensure that the surrounding ponds are well-drained, have no pollution, and face the sun.

2.They need to choose a rectangular pond with a flat bottom and sandy loam soil.

3.Before fingerlings are stocked, the fish ponds need to be cleaned a week in advance, and then ponds are drained and exposed to the sun.

4.Nigerian fish farmers need to choose fry with a smooth body surface and muscular physique, and the size is about 5 cm. Before stocking, the fry needs to be immersed in 5% saltwater or 5-10 mg of potassium permanganate solution. 

5.Fish farmers should be sure that they put good quality fish feed for breeding to increase the appetite of tilapia and achieve the purpose of rapid growth.

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