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How to start your feed pellet mill for poultry?


As we all know, a poultry feed mill or a poultry feed pellet manufacturing plant is always a lucrative business due to the high demand for high quality poultry feed pellet. It has grown from a small-scale regional to an international market in many countries. Countries such as the india, nigeria,Brazil, the Philippines, China, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Caribbean countries, and even South America have been producing poultry feed pellet on a large scale for a long time. There are many people who make a lot of money by running their own poultry feed mills.


It is worth mentioning that this business will not go out of style. Poultry meat and eggs are the necessities of people’s life, and people have a great demand for it. So there are many farms in this small area. The business is stable due to the important role of feed in the poultry industry. As long as you can stand out and offer your customers better quality or something unique poultry feed pellet, you can always make farmers willing to buy your poultry feed products.

How to start your feed pellet mill for poultry? Done a basic research, choose your location, You also will need licensing, storage, mills, buy raw input materials, poultry feed mill equipment, poultry feed pelleter and start produce, the capacity depends on what hourly output you want. Price all the equipment up and allocate your budget for raw materials, packaging, staff, electricity for the first 3 months of operation.

What kind of animal feed pellet machine to buy depends largely on the size of your poultry feed pellet mill. If you only have a small farm or a few hundred chickens, you can buy a small-capacity poultry pellet extruder firstly. If the scale of your poultry feed pellet mill is a little larger, you can buy a machine unit, including a pulverizer, a mixer, and a granulator, which can be manually moved during the process without purchasing a conveyor belt.


You can start your own small poultry feed mill and then grow it in a short period of time by reinvesting the income into the business.
If you want to expand the scale, fully automatic production, can be equipped with conveyor equipment. The perfect choice for a large-volume poultry feed pellet production line if you have a sufficient budget. Usually, the output of the granulator ranges from 30kg to 5000kg/h.
More details of the single poultry feed pellet extruder or poultry feed pellet machine line, welcome to ask me.

This is a business open to hardworking business owners, especially those who live near poultry farms or near farming communities or poultry feed centers. All you need is a good location and a government-authorized center, a steady supply of grain, and some knowledge of running a business. Starting your poultry feed business now!

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