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Fish Feeding Machines For Catfish


Feeding of Catfish


A total of 4 whiskers on the mouth, long and short, carnivorous, mostly wild, water quality requirements are not high, can be artificially cultured. The growth rate is fast, some varieties can grow to very large.

carnivorous fish, the prey is mostly small fish, such as meal strips, crucian carp, cormorant fish, wheat spike fish, carp, loach and so on, also eat shrimp and aquatic insects.

Catfish seed breeding, can choose cement pool cultivation, upper pool cultivation or cage cultivation. Soil pool area should not be too large, generally 100-500 square meters is appropriate. The stocking density is 500 tails per square meter. Put the same batch of seedlings in the same pool to prevent individual differences from devouring and killing each other

Feeding formula of catfish

  1. dried grass powder 40%, silkworm pupa 30%, vegetable cake 10%, barley 20%, food coefficient3
  2. Green dried grass 40%, cotton cake 30%, bean cake 10%, rapeseed cake 5%, silkworm pupa 5%, fish meal 5%, Yuanmai 5%, food coefficient 3
  3. Soybean cake 47.5%, fish meal 35%, yeast 1%, inorganic salt 16.5%, food coefficient 2.26

Production of Fish Feed for Catfish

Catfish with artificial feed, need to be made into fish feed pellet before feeding, so there must be fish feed pellet machine . At present, the size and capacity of fish feed pellet machine is different. The small farm can use small fish feed pellet machine . Certainly , it is closely related with the quantity of the fish . The processed granular material has two kinds of hard feed pellet and soft feed pellet . There are two kinds of fish feed pellet , the floating fish feed pellet and the sink fish feed pellet .The floating pelletized feed produced can float on the surface of the water to feed fish easily.

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