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Fish Feed and Feeding for Rainbow Trout



A trout (salmo playtcephalus), is a valuable type of fishing and eating fish, with about 10 species worldwide. Trout is the common name of a group of fish classified as salmon subfamily. All the fish known as trout are members of the Oryzaidae family .

Life habit

Trout usually inhabit fresh water, prefer to live in cold water 10-16 degrees is the most appropriate 16-23 degrees will reduce their desire and ability to reproduce or prey, to 23 degrees or more fatal.

Fish feed formula for Rainbow Trout

Composition(%) protein content (%)


1 Fish meal 65, wheat flour 29, beer yeast 5, mixed vitamin 1


2 Fish meal 21, fish and viscera 40, crustacean 6, cottonseed meal 23, wheat flour 3.6, distiller’s grains 2.4, mixed vitamin 1.5, corn oil 2.5


3 Fish meal 30, meat bone meal 1, blood meal 2, wheat flour 10, grass powder 2, algal powder 1, sunflower cake 40, yeast 7, vegetable oil 6, others 1



Production of Fish Feed for Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout with artificial feed, need to be made into fish feed pellet before feeding, so there must be fish feed pellet machine . At present, the size of fish feed pellet machine is different. The small farm can use small fish feed pellet machine . The processed granular material has two kinds of hard feed pellet and soft feed pellet . Small trout farm with small fish feed pellet machine can use soft granular material.

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