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The difference between sinking pellet fish feed and floating pellet fish feed


Why is floating fish feed better than sinking fish feed?

People have different views on whether floating or sinking fish feeds are better fish food for your fish. But before I start, I want to state that both of them have their advantages, both of them have their advantages, for fish farms or fish feeding industry, where people grow a large number of fishes, floating fish can be a good choice.

  1. Sink pellets are cheaper than floating fish feed and can be used for pond fish farming. But floating fish feed is better, because the use of floating fish feed is not easy to cause waste, and it is also convenient for farmers to directly observe the feeding behavior of fish and other conditions.
  2. The main reason is the difference in craftsmanship. The effect of professional people is similar. For non-professionals, it is better to use floating water. In addition, from the perspective of environmental protection, floating water is a general direction.
  3. Suitable for fish of different species and habits to feed on floating water, suitable for pelagic fish, such as most tropical fish and betta fish, submerged fish, suitable for pelagic fish, cold-water fish such as goldfish, you can refer to the website Data to determine what kind of food they eat. The floating feed is better and smaller.

For example—Tilapia

What is the difference between the floating fish feed and submerged feed of tilapia. There is no difference in the nutritional content of the feed. It just means the utilization rate of the feed. The extruded feed has good palatability. The digestion is good. The utilization rate is high. The shortcomings are high and the price is long-term. Floating food is prone to air bubble disease. The price of sinking material is low. A ton is less than 800 to more than 1,000 yuan. How much more will you spend with floating material. Tell you how to use it. If the bottom of the pond where you put the bait is hard Quality. Just use the sinking material. Tilapia is originally a bottom fish. The digestive function is excellent. There is no difference in the utilization rate of sinking material and floating material. You can still find it if you fall to the bottom. You don’t need to raise tilapia at all. Floating material (if the bottom quality is good). If the silt at the feeding site is deep, use the floating material.

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