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Feed additives for fishing


With the development of the feed industry, the application of feed additives in aquaculture has been paid more and more attention, and there are more and more types. The amount of feed additives is very small, generally accounting for a few percent to a few parts per million, but the effect is extremely significant. Using additives, feed returns can be increased by 5%-7%, sometimes as high as 10%-15%. The use of fish feed additives generally has the following purposes: one is to make up for the lack of nutrients in the feed; the other is to prevent the degradation of feed quality; the third is to improve the palatability of the feed, and to increase the utilization rate of the feed by the breeding object; Its disease resistance can promote normal growth and development; the fifth is to improve the yield and quality of products.

fish feed pelleting machine price
fish feed pelleting machine price

There are nutritional and non-nutritive types of additives. Nutritional additives mainly include vitamins, inorganic salts, oils and amino acids. There are many types of non-nutritive additives. For example, pharmaceutical additives, mainly containing antibiotics, insect repellents, and Chinese herbal medicines; food attractants, can increase the appetite of the breeding subjects, or make the breeding subjects adapt quickly when the feed is changed; adhesives can maintain the feed in the water Stability; coloring agents can improve the quality of ornamental fish, rainbow trout, etc.; antioxidants and anti-fungal agents can prevent the degradation of feed quality; water quality improvers, probiotics, photosynthetic bacteria (PSB), enzymes (EM ), Yufeiling, etc.

floating fish feed production line
floating fish feed production line

The use of additives in fisheries should generally comply with the following principles:    ①Long-term use or during use should not cause any harm or adverse effects on fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish and other aquatic animals, and should not cause reproductive and physiological changes to breeding animals. , So as to affect the growth and reproduction of offspring.   ②It has good stability in feed and animal body.   ③Does not affect the palatability of the feed.   ④The residue in the product should not exceed the sanitary standard, and should not affect the quality of the product and human health.   ⑤The content of toxic substances or heavy metal elements in additives shall not exceed the allowable safety limit


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