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Fish feed production line has been installed in Peru


On December 15, 2022, the Fish feed production line was delivered to the customer at the port of Peru, including the fish feed mixer, fish feed pelletizer (dry type), fish feed dryer, etc. The customer is a production manager of a fish and shrimp farm in Iran. The manager, who has been in the fishing industry for many years, knows that the quality of fish feed determines the quality of fish breeding. The efficient Fish feed production line is used to produce fish and shrimp feed pellets with high quality and efficiency, thus promoting the growth of fish and shrimp.

extruder fish feed machine
extruder fish feed machine

After a long investigation and comparison, the customer in Peru finally finalized the cooperation with us after a long process, and confirmed the order in November 2020, and received the goods on December 15, after receiving the goods, the customer said that our machinery is running very well, and the customer also has the intention of expanding the fishery, and will consider establishing a long-term relationship with us later, and is full of praise for our products, and feels very relieved about our service.

manual fish feed making machine
manual fish feed making machine

The customer thought that our Fish feed production line was superior in terms of production efficiency and cost, so he finally considered cooperating with us.

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