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How to deal with the sewage in the fish pond and become clear


1. Sewage is generally due to poor water quality. The water consumption of fish ponds is relatively large, so it is impossible to use tap water. Water must be diverted from nearby rivers and reservoirs. If the water here is not clean, it will easily lead to the deterioration of the water quality of the fish pond, thus threatening the survival of the fish.

2. The silt at the bottom of the fish pond is too thick, and the water quality is also easy to deteriorates. It will not only turn black but also stink. Therefore, the ponds in the silt ponds at the bottom of the fish ponds each year can improve the ecological conditions, avoid the deterioration of water quality, and also benefit the health of the fish.

3. In the daily management process, be sure to control the feeding. If the feed is fed too much, or frequent fertilization increases water and fertilizer, sewage will also be produced. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of feeding and fertilizing, depending on the size of the fish pond and the number of fish.

If the sewage in the fish pond needs to be treated, new water needs to be replenished regularly, usually every 7-10 days. If the water quality deteriorates and needs to be replaced in time, the water quality can be adjusted regularly with quicklime. The fish pond needs to be equipped with an oxygen generator. On sunny days, oxygen generation is generally started for one hour in the afternoon, and the floating head should also increase the oxygen generation emergency.

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