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The role and type of aquaculture aerator


The aerator is to increase the contact area between the water body and the air to infiltrate the oxygen in the air into the water, so the aeration effect of the aerator. It is directly proportional to the sufficient degree of contact with water and air, and inversely proportional to the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The aerator is equipped with three functions: aeration, water stirring, and aeration.


Reasonable use of aerators can effectively increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond water, accelerate the material circulation of the pond water body, eliminate harmful substances, and promote the reproduction of plankton. At the same time, it can prevent and reduce the floating head of fish, prevent flooding and improve the water quality of the pond, increase the food intake of fish and increase the yield per unit area, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing income from aquaculture.


The aerators commonly used in fishery production are:

(1)Impeller type aerator(2)Waterwheel type aerator(3)Jet type aerator(4)Water spray type aerator(5)Microporous aeration Roots aerator.


The impeller-type aerator is composed of six main components: motor, reduction box, impeller, floating body, bracket, and cover. When working, the impeller aerator uses a motor to decelerate through the gearbox and then drives a large impeller to rotate and agitate the water body to produce splashes. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation causes the upper water body to diffuse to the periphery, and the lower water body fills up the shortage to form a water body up and down circulation.


The impeller-type aerator has a large effective area, excellent aeration capacity, power efficiency, and low price. It is the most widely used type in China in recent years. But it still has its shortcomings, that is, the operation noise is relatively large, and the bottom mud of the fish pond is easily sucked up, which is long-term use.


When used, a vortex is formed under the body, and the linear velocity of the impeller rotation is relatively high. If it is a steel impeller, it will damage fish and shrimp to some extent. Therefore, this kind of aerator is not suitable for shallow-water fish ponds and precious aquatic products cultivation. It is usually used for large-area pond cultivation with a water depth of more than 1-2 meters. It is mostly used for the four major major fishes, such as herring, grass carp, scorpion carp, and chain carp. Farming.


The waterwheel type aerator is composed of six main components: electric motor, reduction box, impeller, floating boat, bracket, and cover. It is suitable for ponds with deep silt and an area of I000~2540 m2.


It relies on agitating the water on the surface of the water body to increase its contact with the air, thereby achieving a good effect of increasing oxygen and promoting the flow of the water body. It has a good effect on increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and saving fish floating heads.


The waterwheel-type aerator has a good power effect, strong push-flow mixing effect, low linear speed of rotation, and will not cause damage to fish and shrimp. The disadvantages are that it is noisy, easy to form water mist, and the effective water depth for aeration is no more than 1 meter. Moreover, the aerators, brackets, bolts and other parts used in marine aquaculture are all made of stainless steel, which is more expensive. Therefore, this machine is suitable for deep silt and large water surface cultivation and is mainly used for the cultivation of valuable aquatic products such as vannamei prawns, river prawns, green fish, and rainbow twigs.


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