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What should I pay attention to when buying catfish


Pay attention to its color and mucus when buying catfish. The mucus on the surface of the catfish also has a certain protective effect on the fish itself. When the mucus is in a transparent or translucent state, it proves that the fish is relatively fresh and healthy; if the mucus has turned white or even has a rancid smell, it proves that the fish may have bacteria and other harmful substances, so don’t buy it.

Choose a fish body that is intact and fresh. After buying it back, it is recommended to keep it in clean water for a few days to allow it to properly discharge some impurities and other substances.

“Fishhead is the part of fish that accumulates the most mercury. Eating fish head is equivalent to taking poison!” “Eating fish roe does not know how to count, and will become stupid.”…What on earth can’t fish be eaten? Let’s take a look at the secrets about “fish”

1) Is it really impossible to eat fish heads?

Different fish have huge differences in mercury content. The low is only a few micrograms per kilogram, and the high is more than 1,000 micrograms per kilogram. This is related to the type of fish, growth conditions, and the length of the growth period. Even for fish heads, the mercury content determined in the experiment is 0.36 mg/kg, which is lower than the national standard of 0.5 mg/kg.

In addition, the human body has a certain self-protection and regulation effect on mercury poisoning. As long as it does not continue to consume high-mercury foods, it will not cause health risks.

However, patients with high purine content in fish head should control their consumption.

2) Can fish scales be eaten?

The nutritional value of fish scales is relatively high. It contains lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, collagen, and iron, zinc, calcium and other essential trace elements for the human body. It has the effects of strengthening the brain and preventing osteoporosis.

However, the fish scales do not taste good, so those who can’t accept it should not force themselves.

3)Can fish skin be eaten?

The fish skin has a creamy texture, which many people like. But rumors that fish skins are easily contaminated by heavy metals have also worried foodies. Every time I eat fish, I can’t firmly put the fish skin into my mouth. At present, there is no experiment to prove that fish skin contains heavy metal pollution. Besides, a fish just has so much skin, so there is no need to give it up if you like it.

All in all, the fish skin is still edible, the key is to choose the less polluted fish~

4)Can fish roe be eaten?

Fish roe is rich in nutrients, full of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, and riboflavin. It is a good supplement and growth agent for the human brain and bone marrow. It is especially important for the growth and development of children.

Eating fish roe will not become stupid~ but there are still points to be aware of: the elderly and that overweight should eat as little as possible. Fish roe is rich in cholesterol, excessive intake can affect health; not all fish roe can be eaten. For example, pufferfish roe and catfish roe are poisonous and cannot be eaten.

5)Can the fish swim bladder be eaten?

Fish maw has a popular name-fish bubble, which is an organ used by fish to rise, dive, and suspend in the water. After being cut and dried, it has a literary name-flower maw. The small biomolecule collagen protein contained in the fish swim bladder is the raw material for the human body to replenish synthetic protein, and it is good for the human body to absorb and utilize. It is stored in human tissues in the form of an aqueous solution, thereby improving tissue nutritional status and accelerating metabolism.

6)Can fish gall be eaten?

Many fish gallbladders are poisonous, whether they are eaten raw, cooked, or soaked in wine, they can still cause poisoning. Be especially careful: grass carp, carp, crucian carp, herring, silver carp, Wuchang fish, bighead carp (big head), and other common bile poisonous fishes.

Fish gallbladder poisoning, because there is no specific medicine, the mortality rate was as high as about 20%, it is the killer second only to puffer fish. For adults, generally only a few grams of bile can cause poisoning. In the early stage of fish gallbladder poisoning, there will be nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea and other symptoms similar to eating a bad stomach. Once poisoned, you should promptly induce vomiting, gastric lavage, and seek formal treatment in the hospital as soon as possible.

Fish gallbladder cures diseases and improves eyesight.

7)Can the black film in the fish belly be eaten?

The black film in the belly of the fish is actually the inner layer of the peritoneum of the fish, which mainly plays the role of protecting the internal organs and lubricating. Why is this film black? This is just the deposition of pigment cells in the fish, not a pollutant. Therefore, it is edible.

However, this film itself has a high-fat content, low nutritional value, and is easier to accumulate some fat-soluble pollutants, which is not a healthy choice.

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